Venezuelan War of Independence Battles


Battle of Alto de Los Godos

It was a battle that took place on 25 May 1813 in Maturin, Venezuela during the Spanish colonial Viceroyalty of New Granada. The campaign resulted in a patriotic victory against the forces of forces of Spanish general Domingo de Monteverde.

Battle of Araure

The Battle of Araure was fought during the short-lived reign of the Second Republic of Venezuela on December 5, 1813, in the city of Araure in Portuguesa State, Venezuela. In the battle, Simon Bolivar’s forces defeated General Domingo de Monteverde.

 Battle of Cúcuta

This was mainly a military conflict in the Spanish American wars of independence fought on 28 February in 1813 between pro-independence forces led by Simon Bolivar and Spanish Royalist troops serving under General Ramon Correa at the town of Cucuta. Bolivar was victorious in the battle.

Battle of Carabobo

The Battle of Carabobo was fought on 24 June 1821 between independence fighters led by Venezuelan General Simon Bolivar and the Royalist forces led by Spanish Field Marshall, Miguel de la Torre. Bolivar’s victory at Carabobo led to the independence of Venezuela and establishment of the Republic of Gran Columbia.


Battle of La Victoria 

The battle took place on 20 and 29 June of 1812, in La Victoria, Venezuela. Spanish assaults on the city by captain Domingo de Monteverde were targeted against Franciso de Miranda, repulsed by the Venezuelan forces entrenched in the town and Monteverde returned to San Mateo.

Battle of La Victoria (1814)

The Battle of La Victoria was a fight or battle of Venezuelan War of Independence. In this battle, royalist forces under Jose Tomas Boves attempted to capture the city of La Victoria held by General Jose Felix Ribas.

Battle of Lake Maracaibo

The Battle of Lake Maracaibo was also referred to as the “Naval Battle of the Lake” and was fought on 24 July 1823 on Venezuela’s Lake Maracaibo. The conflict was between the fleets under the command of Republican Admiral Jose’ Prudencio Padilla and royalist Captain Angel Laborde.

Battle of Las Queseras del Medio

It was an essential battle of the Venezuelan War of Independence. The battle took place on April 2, 1819, where the forces of Jose Antonio Paez were pitted against more than 1000 Spanish cavalry.

Battle of Matasiete

The battle took place on 31 July 1817 near the city of La Asuncion on Isla Margarita in Venezuela.  The conflict was fought between pro-independence Republican revolutionaries head by Fransico Esteban Gomez and Spanish Royalist forces under Pablo Morillo, in which the outcome was the Spanish defeat.


Battle of Los Horcones

This military conflict was fought on July 22, 1813, between pro-independence forces led by Jose Felix Ribas and Spanish royalist forces under Colonel Francisco Oberto at the plain of Los Horcones.

Battle of Niquitao

The battle was a part of the Venezuelan War of Independence fought on July 2, 1813, in Bocono.

Battle of San Felix

The battle was an engagement in the Guayana campaign of the war for independence of Venezuela that took place on 11 April 1817.

Battle of Taguanes

The battle was fought between Spanish royalists and the Second Republic of Venezuela on July 31, 1813.

Battle of Urica

The battle of the war for Venezuelan independence was fought in the village of Urica on December 5, 1814, between Republican general chief Jose Felix Ribas and Royalist caudillo Jose Tomas Boves.