British MP’s Establish “Friends of Venezuela”


Group of British MP’s “Friends of Venezuela” to be constituted in London, a press release from the Venezuelan Embassy in London has indicated that the initial number of MP’s making up the group will be 102.

“This is an extremely unusual initiative which is testimony to the high level of support existing inside the British government’s ruling party for the government of the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez”, stated the release.

In the act at the House of Commons, the motor behind this initiative, Labour MP Colin Burgon and the Venezuelan Ambassador in the United Kingdom, His Excellency Alfredo Toro Hardy, will both be present.

After speeches have finished the setting up of the group will take place with the signing of an official act.

The “Friends of Venezuela” group is another clear sign of the support for the Bolivarian Revolution and the social policies being carried out in Venezuela to include the formerly “excluded” and defeat poverty over the long term.