Cynicism with out bounds by Time magazine


The recent internet poll on the Time magazine web site asking its readers to vote for the “Person of the Year” resulted in a decisive victory for President Hugo Chavez, with the Iranian president coming in second place.

Chavez received 35% of the votes cast and true to form, the cynics and hypocrites of the corporate media decided to run roughshod over the votes they had solicited and award the “Person of the Year Award” to “YOU”. In other words, the internet “public”.

Even the BBC in its story on the “results” of the Time web poll emphasized the official award and in its article spoke about the Iranian president as being one of the people nominated. And Chavez? Not a word and no comment from the BBC that Time had just arbitrarily nominated “YOU” as “Person of the Year”.

Why would Time act like this? Besides showing a complete lack of respect for its readers and public opinion, Time clearly demonstrated its fear of Chavez being awarded the “Person of the Year Award” since he not only represents the poor of the planet, but his ideas and stance against US imperialism, capitalism and the filthy, mendacious US corporate press are threatening to weaken their hegemonic power over the lives of billions of human beings.

Not to worry. Time as one of the important representatives of the corporate media has shown its true, undemocratic colors and is vainly trying to hide the truth of world public opinion from the world itself.

As Noam Chomsky said in his recent book “Hegemony or Survival” – there are two superpowers in the world of the early 21st century – The US Empire and World Public opinion. The latter spoke in Time web poll by overwhelmingly voting for Chavez as “Person of the Year. The other power and its lackeys in the corporate media took the decision to deceive the public as they continue to do on a daily basis.

In a nutshell another defeat for Us values and power and another nail in the coffin of the declining influence of “legalized mendacity” spoon fed to the citizens of the world.